Commercials currently available:

TV advertising gives you the greatest reach for the money, hands down, when compared to other major media such as radio, newspaper, or yellow pages.  We lease the commercials to you for a year and will help you place a good targeted buy at no extra charge.  We can usually buy media at 40 - 70 % of what you can buy it for and we pass on our 15% agency discount to you on top of that.  Most people are surprised that you can buy media time for an average of $12 per spot.  We recommend a variety of networks including HGTV, Lifetime, E! etc.  Every media buy and every area is different and has to be individualized to your practice.  By placing TV specifically for your practice, you avoid becoming a commodity, which is what happens in large group buys.

The Human Body


Headache (Statistics)


Back to School

Car Accident (1-800 number)

Pills/No Drugs

Health Care Crisis


Weight Loss and Fitness

Heart Health

Low Back Pain


Mother's Day