5Touch Marketing Kits

Special for new clients   -  Get your marketing organized!  Buy four kits to do a quarterly effort for $1000.  All materials are customized with your contact information, calendar events and logo!  Each kit includes a printed 2ft.x3ft photo quality poster and 2 adjusting room posters. It also includes a variety of reproducible materials, including newspaper inserts, appointment reminder cards, newsletters, ads, etc.  The materials in each kit vary.  We always give you all the materials to enact the strategy that we are talking about here.  There are enough materials to reach your target market more than 5 times with the message, to get their attention, keep your message in the forefront of their minds and make your name memorable.  The message and graphics are designed to motivate people to action.
Add TV - Add a coordinated TV commercial lease and we will help you with the media buy.  $200 for TV commercial lease for the year!

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We have had clients achieve their goals consistently with the 5 Touch Marketing Kit System.  If you want to increase your new patient flow to create stability or if you want to double your new patient flow, it is possible.  We have had clients increase their new patient flow up to four times in two months!   I personally have achieved 80 new patients into a practice in a week.  I am a professional marketer and it takes practice to achieve anything close to that number.  However, you can achieve the success you set as a goal.  It takes the willingness to change and a little work!  You will get out of your marketing what you put into it, and you have to open the box and use the materials!

If you want to know why your message isn't sticking, it is probably a combination of not knowing what buttons to push with a good message and frequency.  A good message will help people see a need to change, motivate them to change, fill a need, or make new patients aware of something that is lacking in their life.  It will tell a story to get to their emotions, rather than stuff information down their throats.  Frequency is the number of times that a person is exposed to that message.  The average person needs to hear a message 5-10 times in order for that message to stick.  If there isn't a lot of clutter that you are dealing with when it comes to their attention, you can have 5 exposures to get your message to stick.  If you are competing with a lot of clutter, you have to be direct and repeat, repeat, repeat your message to get through to them. 

The 5 Touch Kit System is a guided marketing system.  The messages are strategically laid out to appeal to areas of interest that play to a broad group of people and you get 10-15 different coordinated pieces to give people multiple exposures to your message.  Internally we target areas to build a large referral practice and externally we direct you to expand into outside sources.   We suggest an event for each month to create motion and energy around your practice, so that you become a resource for your community as the first choice for health care.

Spring Cleaning for Your Body

You can market directly to the cleaning industry of your area and also appeal to the need to spring clean your body to your patient to build a referral practice.

What's Hidden Inside is the Secret to Life

This is a great topic to use to talk about the innate, pregnancy, child care. . .use in the spring, or Easter.
Safe Gardening Practices

Safe Gardening Practices combined with a Mother's Day Promotion is a great way to market in the spring!

Real Change Takes Time / Wellness

We make analogies and compare long term benefits of chiropractic care to being on a diet for one day, working out for one day,etc. to get them into a wellness mentality.  There are also materials appropriate for Father's Day in this kit.
Ice Cream Social

Create a big noise in your community by having a summer ice cream social. 
Community Smoothie Party

If you want to promote healthy snack choices for a healthier community, create a big noise by having a smoothie party.
Raising Donations

Choose a civic organization in your community and raise money for them.  Donate care for a donation to the organization.
Summer Adjustments

With all the fun of summer and distractions of summer, remind your patients to get their adjustments so that they can continue to enjoy those activities throughout life.
Back to School / Backpack Safety

Adjust kids for life long health and to build a stronger pediatric practice!  Backpack safety and a backpack challenge is included!
Good Things Start Inside / People Health

Patient Appreciation!

Get in the ZONE
Fitness and Weight . . . We Can Help!
Health Workshop

Heart Health
Low Back Pain
Digestive Problems
Athlete Peak Performance
Winter Shoveling / Back Pain
Rejuvenate / Detox
Cholesterol, Heart, and Toxin Workshop
Flowers for Mother's Day
Get Ready for the Race!
Get Ready for the Race of Life!
Family Day / Kids Learn by Example
Real Change Takes Time
Picnic in the Park
Celebrate People for a Better Community!
Summer Fun!! / Watermelon in the Park
Women's Health
Women's Health / Girls Night Out of Pampering
Team Sports
Trigger Point Therapy